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Director's Note:

Storytelling through film is the most exciting and engaging form of communication.


As filmmakers, we're charged with the tremendous responsibility of defining what is beautiful in our universe. It is our duty to constantly challenge its amending definitions because story is truly a weapon for change. Our goal is to capture moments and surface discourse that enables us to discover, learn and contribute viable information to our shared community.

We're constantly proactive towards championing our vision, aligning ourselves singularly with projects which are for and serving inspiring people. We proudly stand as a resourceful and market-disruptive partner for premium video content initiatives. Our team executes both full creative and production services with our partners. Bear Bear's post production is another separating variable, as every film on our website was turned around in under (72) hours. We have a communicative-heavy production process, devotion to story authenticity and relentless pursuit to consistently produce beyond expectations. 

We look forward to partnering together soon!


We just completed post on our first feature, The Nomads, starring Tika Sumpter and Tate Donovan. Follow the progress on Instagram (@thenomadsmovie) and IMDb.